Fast, accurate Analysis and Design
of your Building Structures
Achieve faster design times
Manage changes easily
Produce intelligent drawings quickly
Deliver full design documentation effortlessly
Supports International Design and Seismic codes
First class support from Prota’s experts


ProtaStructure is an innovative solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.

From one central model easily compare different schemes and automate your steel and concrete design, reducing design time and increasing project profitability.

Use advanced integrated features including grouped member design, 3D FE Analysis, staged construction and seismic design, foundations and punching shear checks to quickly produce results.

Handle changes with ease and seamlessly coordinate projects with architects, owners and other stakeholders with intelligent BIM integration.

Produce high quality drawings and all design documentation from ProtaStructure automatically using included ProtaDetails and ProtaSteel.

Save time and increase project profits with ProtaStructure.

ProtaStructure Overview Image

One Central Model

Build one model. ProtaStructure enables you to model simple or complex concrete and steel buildings with speed and ease.

One Central Model

Intelligent Physical Objects

Use physical objects including trusses, beams and slabs to create and visualize models quickly and efficiently.

Leading BIM Integration

Developed with BIM in mind seamlessly communicate and refine models with leading BIM systems including Autodesk Revit.

Leading BIM Integration

Automated Loading

Save time with automatic loading including yield line, finite element, wind and seismic loading coupled with automated load combination generation to your chosen code of practice.

Advanced Analysis

Take advantage of features including Finite Elements, Rigid Zones, Staged Construction, Seismic, static and non-linear approaches to solve both simple and complex projects.

Optimised Design

Use interactive features including auto grouping, iterative transformed section design, and merged core walls to optimise building design economy. Quickly assess a range of design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution for your clients.

Automated Design

Fully automated design of all steel, concrete, and foundations elements, to range of international codes including British, European, US and Seismic Standards.

Seismic Assessment

Use advanced features including pushover analysis to assess and rehabilitate existing structures.

Manage Changes

Easily deal with inevitable project changes and quickly check and update your design where required.

Seamless Documentation

Clear, concise documentation of all your design and seamless high-quality drawing production using included ProtaDetails and ProtaSteel.

Collaboration is key

Save valuable time by coordinating projects early on with other project stakeholders including architects and owners. Synchronize models with other leading BIM platforms including Revit and TeklaStructure.

Collaboration is key

Technology Partner

ProtaStructure is designed with leading technology to provide you with competitive advantages over the competition. Save time and make jobs more profitable with ProtaStructure.

Technology Partner