About Us


Prota Software is a structural and earthquake engineering software company founded in 1985 by Professors Joseph Kubin and Danyal Kubin. The company has over 400 staff members based in more than 20 office locations around the globe. Prota Software became best known for its flagship product Probina Orion. Prota’s professional engineers, leading technical experts and software developers across the world develop a broad range of software solutions for structural design and detailing including the new ProtaStructure, ProtaSteel, ProtaDetails and ProtaBIM since 2011.

Thousands of engineers, CAD technicians and project innovators across the world choose Prota's technology solutions for their steel and concrete building design, detailing and structural BIM collaboration.

Prota's software solutions have also been used by Prota's engineering and design teams in several prestigious projects around the globe for more than 35 years.



To remain at the forefront of engineering excellence, Prota actively engages in research and development and has published more than 100 technical papers in various leading engineering publications and conferences globally over the past 10 years; especially in the fields of seismic design, retrofitting technologies and base isolation.

Prota’s responsive technical support team and its brand new platform Prota Help Center are available to help its clients get the most out of Prota’s solutions. Hands-on training courses to learn Prota’s technology solutions are also offered in fully-equipped Prota Training Centers across the world.


We provide the most robust analysis, design and detailing tools for the construction industry professionals and push the level of automation without compromising the transparency.

Our mission is to create and to maintain the most robust software to equip the engineers with the right gear for fast, accurate and transparent project delivery.



the Future…


Using our vision as a springboard, we aim to fulfill our social responsibility and our obligations by maintaining our motto, “Reinforcing the Future”.

Our objectives have been to provide services that are effective on both national and international levels that ensure high level customer satisfaction, and that utilize the latest technologies.

As Prota, we hereby commit ourselves to:

• Improving our knowledge and skills by following technological and scientific developments,

• Focusing on research, development, and renovation projects,

• Offering reliable and timely services,

• Meeting the latest quality standards in our software Solutions and working units,

• Strictly conforming to in-house training policies at all levels,

• Maintaining a managerial policy that encourages innovation and integrity and extending team spirit in this direction,

• Ensuring high level customer satisfaction,

• Achieving customer dependency,

• Abiding by national and local environmental policies and current environmental management standards in all of our activities.



• Innovation

• Excellence in Every Detail

• Transparency in Every Step

• Trustworthiness

• Highest Engineering Ethics

• Passion