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Prota Structure Suite 2024 - Advanced Design Analysis and Detailing Structural Engineering Software with Our Black Week Special Offer - 40% Discount for Limited Seats!

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Advantages of Being a Licensed User of ProtaStructure Suite

We strive to provide our licensed users with several benefits. From our extensive online Prota Help Center to our in-product learning, we aim to enrich our licensed users’ knowledge and provide practical, user-friendly support.

— Some of the benefits include —

  • Free upgrade to ProtaStructure Suite 2024.
  • Free software maintenance throughout your subscription inclusive of all software updates and releases.
  • Access to Prota’s Knowledge Center to increase your productivity with informative tutorials, videos, recordings, blogs and forums.
  • Direct access to Prota’s team of technical experts for first class user support and assistance.
  • Prota’s on demand E-Learning Platform and Tutorials to learn more about ProtaStructure when and where you want.
  • Invitations to Live Virtual Trainings and Tech Webinars to improve your experience with ProtaStructure Suite.

ProtaStructure Suite 2024, developed by Prota Software for over 35 years, introduces advanced structural BIM software features. It focuses on practical modeling, innovative design technologies, and enhanced functionalities, aiming to meet global engineering standards and user expectations in structural analysis, design, and detailing.

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Key Features of ProtaStructure Suite 2024

Composite Slab Design: This feature allows users to design composite slabs with profiled metal decks, incorporating options from a Metal Deck Library and a Stud Library. It enables modeling of both primary and secondary composite frames and automatic calculations of effective widths, load distributions, and transformed section properties.

Slab Design with Slab Patch Panels: A new approach for flat slabs and raft foundations, allowing for base reinforcement throughout the floor and additional bars at column support regions. This feature uses Slab Patch Panels for optimized reinforcement design and includes tools for efficient analysis and design processes.

Stepped Foundations: Enhanced capability to model and analyze foundations at different elevations, including elevator pits. Users can adjust slab properties for relative elevation differences, enabling complex foundation designs.

Improved Integration with BIM and Other Software: Enhanced compatibility with software like Autodesk Revit, including better import and export functionalities. This integration facilitates smoother workflow transitions between ProtaStructure and other BIM platforms.

Advanced Earthquake Engineering - Nonlinear Seismic Isolators & Eurocode 8 Adaptations: Incorporates advanced seismic design features, including nonlinear seismic isolators for earthquake-resistant structures and adaptations to Eurocode 8 for different seismic behaviors in orthogonal directions.

Regional Code Compliance and Standards: The software complies with various international standards, including the newly added Colombian and Indian Standards, ensuring adaptability to global structural and seismic norms.

User-Friendly Design and Support: Emphasizes step-by-step detailed design reports and practical modeling approaches. Offers robust support through Prota Help Center emails like and

Projects Gallery Client Success for User Feedback & Real-World Applications: Features testimonials from licensed users and case studies such as the Istanbul New Airport, highlighting the practical benefits and real-world applications of the software.

Software Components:

ProtaStructure, ProtaDetails, ProtaSteel, ProtaBIM: Each component offers specialized functionalities. ProtaStructure focuses on structural analysis and design, ProtaDetails on detailing, ProtaSteel on steel structure design, and ProtaBIM on BIM integration and collaboration.

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Structural Engineering Software

ProtaStructure is a structural analysis and design software that step forwards with its innovative BIM software (Building Information Modeling) for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.

From one central model, easily compare different schemes and automate your steel design, reinforced concrete design and steel connection design significantly reducing project delivery time thanks to steel structure detailing and connection design software, ProtaSteel.

Use advanced integrated features including grouped member design, 3D Finite Element Analysis, staged construction, P-Delta Analysis and seismic design, foundations and punching shear checks to quickly produce results.



Structural Detailing Software

ProtaDetails is a revolutionary structural drawing software and structural detailing software for automatically creating and organizing all your structural concrete detail drawings only with a single click.

Use focused CAD drawing, editing, and detailing capabilities tailored to structural engineering to fine tune your drawing production.

Handle changes efficiently by seamlessly updating project design changes from powerful structural analysis and design software, ProtaStructure.



Steel Connection Design and Detailing Software

ProtaSteel is the all-in-one steel detailing and steel connection design software solution for engineers, fabricators and drafting professionals to perform automated steel connection design and produce high quality steel detail drawings.

Take models designed in ProtaStructure directly into ProtaSteel and save hours with automated design of a comprehensive range of bolted and welded steel connections of your choice.



ProtaBIM reinforces Prota Software's standing as a leading provider of advanced BIM technology with new bi-directional links with the latest versions of Revit, IFC, DXF, SAF and other recognized BIM and Analysis formats.

Using our revolutionary ProtaHUB technology, you can easily create models from a range of both 2D and 3D information including 2D and 3D DXF, IFC and SAF.

With ProtaBIM, ProtaStructure models can be accurately and directly shared with other leading BIM platforms including Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD without wasting time re-creating model data and fixing building layout.