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As an innovative software producer for structural engineers and drafting professionals, we are continuously looking for experienced professionals and talented graduates from various fields around the world.

If you are a game changer, innovator and a leader who can take us to the next level, then send your Resume to, indicating which areas you consider yourself competent in.


We have thousands of users, clients and trusted business partners in more than 40 countries around the globe. We are one of the most successful software vendors for the AEC industry.

Prota Group of Companies has offices in more than 20 different locations.

Our People

Prota’s staff devoted to provide high quality services for its clients. Prota has over 300 regular staff members including engineers, architects, technicians, software developers, salespeople, marketing experts, who keep abreast of the literature and the latest developments in their fields.

Our Approach

Prota is established for providing expertise and sustainable solutions in engineering and consultancy sector to meet the needs of its client’s at highest levels.

Prota therefore applies such quality management policy that focus not only on client’s satisfaction but also continuously enhancing the employee’s qualifications with a team working spirit of “sincere at relations, responsive at work”.

Our software products are based and developed on our own R&D offices by our R&D teams and experts. We constantly innovate and aim to exceed expectations. From our dedicated research and development team to our leading technical support services, we continually invest in delivering leading technology to provide practical design solutions and greater user experiences.

Work-Life Balance in Prota

We appreciate both work and social time and want our people to be happy. As Prota, we may offer flexible hours, such as part-time work, remote work, project-based work or other leaves.

To help build both a positive company environment and make our business thrive, we periodically organize team building activities, social events, celebrations and gatherings. We believe that these types of events help facilitating team-spirit, improving productivity as well as increasing motivation, collaboration and employee satisfaction.