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Our users around the world overcome their business challenges with Modelling, Analysis, Detailing, Fabrication and Project Coordination capabilities of the One – ProtaStructure Suite.
Learn how our customers solved their problems.
“We had experience using PB Orion before and like the platform, ProtaStructure significantly improved upon this. ProtaStructure also allows us to be more productive and efficient, and Prota provides a very good support service. From our own experience in the past we were also very confident in ProtaStructure for high-rise building design, which is a large part of our business.”
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Ranhill Bersekutu
Ranhill Chemical Plant Building
Ranhill Bersekutu is an iconic multi-disciplinary consultancy providing comprehensive engineering (Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical), Project Management and Ecologically Sustainable Design/Green Building technology services.
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Perunding RekaCekap
A few years ago, I noticed that my engineers needed to learn a range of different software in order to model and design a single project, especially when considering Reinforced Concrete and Foundation Design. This wasn’t particularly productive and meant that I had to support a range of different software applications.
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Istanbul New Airport
Prota Engineering’s engineering and BIM teams used ProtaStructure throughout the entire Istanbul New Airport Terminal Building design phases in order to produce fast and safe models which also minimizes human errors “We used ProtaStructure throughout the entire life cycle of the project where we were able to manage project variations quickly, economically and accurately.
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