Learn About Seismic Design to SNI 1726 Using ProtaStructure

March 26, 2020
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (GMT +7)

Learn About Seismic Design to SNI 1726 Using ProtaStructure

Mark your calendar!

This Thursday 26th March at 11 am tune in to hear about Seismic Design to SNI 1726 using our innovative ProtaStructure BIM Design Technology.

Hear from Prota’s Kong Chee Huat and Nigel Watts as they explore recent innovations we’ve been making with Seismic Design technology to the SNI 1726 using ProtaStructure.

Learn more about Earthquake Engineering and see practical building design and detailing technology in action from the world’s leading Structural BIM Design technology provider.

Items Kong and Nigel will cover include:

  • Efficient and effective Concrete and Steel Building Modelling for earthquake resistance
  • Automated Seismic Loading to SNI 1726
  • Detailed Seismic Checks and Design Considerations
  • Optimized Ductile Seismic Design and Automated Detailing
  • Steel Connection Design and Detailing
  • Instant Drawing Production into your Sheets

Host: Kong Chee Huat, Sales Director Asia Pacific; Nigel Watts, Managing Director / Prota Software

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