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Hundreds of Design Professionals Attended Prota’s Technologies Conference in Bangkok

June 14 / 2019

Hundreds of engineers in Bangkok were treated to a showcase of innovative technology and emerging trends when Prota’s developers teamed up with Chulalongkorn University to present at ProtaStucture’s 2019 launch event day on 4th June.

Brilliantly organised by AppliCAD, Prota’s partner in Thailand, engineers saw first-hand the new ProtaStructure is changing how structural building projects are designed, detailed and delivered efficiently in an increasingly competitive environment.

Associate Professor, Dr Sawekchai Tangaramvong also provided attendees a glimpse of the future with how leading researchers are looking to AI and machine learning for providing ‘optimized’ building design approaches in assessing simple and complex structural solutions to project design. It was amazing to see how leading research and new technologies like ProtaStructure 2019 are making structural engineers lives easier.