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ProtaStructure 2019 Unveiled For The First Time in Zagreb, Croatia

May 14 / 2019

Jozef Kubin, Board Chairman of Prota Group and Mustafa Tan, Product Manager of ProtaStructure were invited by Studio ARS, Prota’s partner in Croatia, to present ProtaStructure 2019 to the selected top consultancy firms in Croatia.

Brilliantly organized by Studio ARS, engineers saw first-hand Prota’s innovations in 3D modelling, automated steel and concrete building design, intelligent reinforcement and steel detailing together with advancements in BIM technology for coordination, fabrication and construction. Some of the key topics covered during the roll out included;

  • Unveiling ProtaStructure 2019 - Integrated Multi-Material Design Solution for Building Systems
  • Revolutionary Automated Detailing, Drawing Management & Component Design with ProtaDetails 2019
  • Introducing ProtaSteel 2019 - Revolutionary Automated Connection Design and Steel Detailing
  • Understanding BIM and coordinating projects with ProtaBIM 2019

“It was amazing see the great interest of these prestigious companies in our technologies. We are certain that the new ProtaStructure 2019 will make our clients lives even more easier” Prota Group’s CEO, Joseph Kubin, comments.