ProtaStructure 2018 - Be the First to Experience the Extraordinary

July 04 / 2017

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  • Faster project delivery with fully integrated RC and Steel building design and detailing in one model.
  • Quick and simple project creation with intuitive new modelling features including steel trusses, bracing systems, purlin layout, RC wall openings, slab and beam drops, and adaptive infill walls.
  • Smart design features including steel trusses, frames and intelligent connections, seismic and retrofitting, integrated RC core walls, and combined foundations to save your business time.
  • Coordinated headache free construction delivery with new advanced BIM collaboration tools for visualizing and sharing your project models with Architects, Owners and Project Stakeholders.
  • Maximizing job profitability with automated RC, Steel and Shop drawings and optimized detail placement into your drawing sheets.