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Technical Support and Remote Usage of ProtaStructure during Covid 19 Pandemic

March 18 / 2020
Technical Support and Remote Usage of ProtaStructure during Covid 19 Pandemic

Dear Prota Users,

At Prota we are here to support your business through the Covid 19 pandemic where you may be seeing interruption to your normal operations particularly when people movements are restricted and staff may have to work remotely.

During this difficult period we are here to support you.

  • Prota Support continues to operate as usual. Our team of experience professionals are at hand to answer and technical support queries you may have. Please continue to email us at for any assistance
  • Our Cloud Based licensing platform (for ProtaStructure 2019 users) allows you the flexibility to use the software remotely. Useful information to know on this is;
    • You may install the software to any machine. The unlock code will be the same as we originally sent to you with the 2019 release
      • Please note you need to be online to activate the code (the licensing will prompt you)
      • If the total number of licenses you have is fully allocated you won’t be able to access the software. Someone will need to stop using the software and return the license to the cloud server so you can pick it up
    • Licenses can be easily returned to the cloud server providing you are online when this is done, and this can then be made available for another person in your business to immediately use (wherever they may be working). This can be automatically set to occur when you close the software, of manually driven. Please watch this short video on how to do this:

At Prota we understand the importance of business continuity during this difficult period, whilst also remaining healthy and safe. Should you have any questions please email us at

Stay safe and Kind Regards,

Your Prota Support Team