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Piracy Risks
Piracy Risks
Three centuries ago, Captain Kidd looked at the treasures he had collected and stroked his beard. What is still up-to-date is that piracy continues today. Based on the latest data shared, the use of pirated software has increased substantially during the pandemic period.

Why should you no longer be a pirate like Captain Kidd or Blackbeard when using ProtaStructure Suite?

The real risks of software piracy can cause more damage to your business than you realize.


Hacking will tamper with the software codes and cause instability, poor performance, and bugs, resulting in random crashes and unpredictable results.

You will be left alone with an unfixable and unsupportable illegal version of the software.

Lower Security

Pirated software has a hidden entourage: viruses, malware, and ransomware. If you use hacked versions of ProtaStructure, there is a high risk of exposure to malware which puts your valuable data and hardware in jeopardy. There is no free lunch. Hackers are usually after your credentials and information, and pirated software is a typical means to hide malicious activity.

An increased risk of infecting your PC with malware, viruses, or adware.

Loss of Revenue

Any business relying on pirated software runs the risk of that software suddenly becoming unusable. This can result in a complete work stoppage and the loss of revenue.

Lack of Software Updates

This means that you won’t be able to benefit from software updates and new releases put out by Prota Software. Pirated software cannot take advantage of new features and enhancements introduced with the latest releases.

Each new release builds on top of previous ones, favoring the new features, improvements, performance enhancements, and engineering methodologies. It is essential to follow the latest versions to get the most out of the new tools in ProtaStructure Suite.

Check the “New Features By Product Versions” to see each software release’s new features and enhancements.

Advantages of Being a Licensed User of ProtaStructure Suite

We strive to provide our licensed users with several benefits. From our extensive online Prota Help Center to our in-product learning, we aim to enrich our licensed users’ knowledge and provide practical, user-friendly support.

— Some of the benefits include —

  • Free software maintenance throughout your subscription, inclusive of all software updates and releases.
  • Direct access to Prota’s team of technical experts for first-class user support and assistance.
  • Access to Prota’s Knowledge Center to increase your productivity with informative tutorials, videos, recordings, blogs, and forums.
  • Prota’s on-demand e-Learning Platform and Tutorials to learn more about ProtaStructure when and where you want.
  • Free invitations to Live Virtual Training and Tech Webinars to improve your experience with ProtaStructure Suite.

Does Prota Software Provide Affordable Options For Software Use?

With the free trial of ProtaSoftware Suite, you can see if the software fulfills your needs before making any investment decisions. Our teams offer different licensing options, from Rental Subscriptions to Perpetual licenses to satisfy your requirements and meet your financial expectations.

You will also have the flexibility to upgrade your license or renew your annual maintenance in the upcoming years.

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