Product Comparison Table

This table provides detailed information of our product offerings.

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Maximum Number of Storeys 5
Maximum number of columns and walls per storey 30
Maximum number of frame members per storey 20
Time Limitation 30 days 240 days
Project Compatibility with Commercial Versions
Export to DXF, DWG, PDF, DOCX
Export to Tekla Native Objects
Coordinate with other disciplines using IFC (Import and Export)
Coordinate with other disciplines using SAF (Import and Export)
Bi-directional bespoke BIM Links to Autodesk Revit with Family Mapping Functionality
Calculation reports without watermarks
Customized Report Headers with License and Company Information
Multilingual User Interface and Design Reports
New support for Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Slovene languages
Support for SI, Imperial and MKS Unit Systems in modelling, analysis, design and detailing
International Design, Loading and Seismic Codes
Physical Modelling STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Intuitive and Interactive Modelling with physical objects
Integrated RC, Steel and Composite Modelling in one central 3D Model
Free modeling with linear, curved and arch-shaped frame members
Steel truss, purlins, girts, brace and sag-rod members
Parametric steel dome members
Insert multiple braces between columns, beams and trusses in one go
Purlin insertion between truss and beam members
Create custom trusses with Truss Editor (or import trusses from DXF files)
Convert free frame members to Trusses
Easy to use steel profile selection and extensive database with cold-formed and hot-rolled sections
Modelling of corewalls with any Irregular shapes
Creating multiple openings in shearwalls
Creating multiple openings in infill walls
Inserting partial infill walls
Inserting multiple infill walls by two points
Setting anchor points for column and beam sections
Flexible modelling with dynamic input system
Slab Openings with irregular shapes
Slab drops with rectangular, circular or irregular shapes
Modelling shearwall coupling beams
Modelling basement walls
Modelling retrofit walls
Modelling Column Jacketts for retrofit purposes
Retrofitting columns and beams with FRPs
Merging different projects into one single model
Load Calculation, Load Application, Load Combinations and Loading System STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Automatic slab load decompositions using Yield-lines (slabs only)
Automated Finite Element Slab Load Decomposition (before or during analysis)
Automated FE load decomposition of Ribbed/Waffle slabs during analysis
Automatic Calculation of wind loads at storey levels (roof wind loads are not automated)
Automatic Calculation of snow loads (Not assigned to members automatically)
Gradient and equal temperature loads
Flexible New Loading Editor for all member loading operations
3D Visualization of all loads applied on members
Ability to define loads on members in any load case and in any local/global orientation
Ability to define loads on truss joints or truss members in any orientation
Ability to define loads on linear, curved or arch frame members
Automatic generation of load cases and combinations to selected design and seismic codes
Ability to create any number of user-defined vertical and lateral load cases and assigns loads to them
Include user-defined vertical loads cases in Live Load Reduction or Seismic Mass Calculations
Automatic calculation of static and dynamic soil pressures on walls (with soil profile, water table and surcharge)
Automated Finite Element Modelling STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Fully automated state-of-the-art 3D Finite Element Model
FE frame elements with automatic rigid zones and end releases
Shell model for shearwalls with adaptive meshing ability
Mid-pier modelling option for shearwalls
Integrated floor meshing in building analysis
Advanced options for rigid and semi-rigid floor diaphragms
Controlling diaphragm options for different storeys
Automated cropping of column outlines from FE mesh
3D Linear Elastic Analysis under vertical and lateral loads
Gradient and equal temperature difference analysis
Staged Construction Analysis
Long term Creep and Shrinkage Effects in Staged Construction Analysis
Soil Structure Interaction (building on elastic foundation) in a single analysis run
Seismic Isolators
P-Delta Analysis for Second-Order Effects
Powerful and Integrated visual post-processor for Building and FE Floor/Foundation Analysis Results
Visualization of slab strip diagrams and station points in 3D analytical model
Seismic Analysis and Design Capabilities STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Automated calculation of response spectra by code parameters
Equivalent Static Analysis for Seismic Design
Mode Superposition (RSA) Analysis for Seismic Design
Eigenvalue analysis
Different response reduction factors in two orthogonal directions in seismic design (Except Eurocodes)
Cracked and uncracked section properties in the same analysis run (specialized approach for seismic design)
Automated two-stage analysis for buildings with basements
Automated calculation of vertical earthquake effects
Automatic assessment of plan and elevation irregularities and application of code penalties
Calculation of Seismic Forces on Non-Structural Members
Calculation of Seismic Separation of Buildings
Improved Strong Column - Weak Beam Checks
Improved Joint Shear Checks (with options for discontinued eccentric beams)
Strong Column-Weak Beam Checks for Steel Moment-Resisting Frames
Ductile/Non-ductile Member Design and Detailing (* Please ask for detailed information for your local code)
In-plane integrity checks for flexible diaphragm slabs
Seismic load transfer check between shearwall-slab interface
Shearwall-Frame Interaction Checks
Overturning Checks
Second-Order Effects Requirement Check
Interstorey Drift Checks
Performance Assessment, Retrofit, Performance Based Design STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Linear Elastic Performance Assessment of Existing Buildings
Risk Assessment of Existing Buildings
Assessment of existing buildings with Nonlinear Pushover Analysis
Assessment of existing buildings with Nonlinear Time-History Analysis
Automatic scaling of selected accelerograms to specified code response spectrum
Maximum or Average response post-processing on multiple Time-History Analyses
Visualization of Pushover and Time-History Displacements
Derivation of nonlinear force-deformation relations using Fiber Section Analysis
Assessment of members retrofitted with FRPs
Performance Assessment with OpenSees Integration
Design of Floor Systems STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Design of slabs with analytical methods
Finite Element analysis and design of slabs under gravity loading
Short frame design of floors with FE-Chasedown method
Multiple Building and Floor Analyses with Integrated Analysis Manager
Integrated Analysis Post-Processor for Building and Floor Analysis Results
Reinforced Concrete Design STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structural Members
Automated punching checks
Individual Soil Pressures underneath the Columns in Raft Foundation Punching
Design of shearwalls with mesh reinforcement
Design of slabs with mesh reinforcement
Design of RC slabs
Minimum Slab Thickness Checks
New User Interface for Slab Design
Grouping of RC beams for design
Advanced User-Defined Beam Rebar Patterns
Auto-containment of rectangular, circular and irregular shaped columns
Auto-containment of rectangular walls and irregular shaped core-walls
Design and detailing of dowels for retrofit walls
Design and detailing of corbels (ProtaDetails)
Design and detailing of stairs (ProtaDetails)
Design and detailing of pools (ProtaDetails)
Reinforced Concrete Detailing STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Automatic preview of RC details in ProtaStructure
Fully automated detail drawings from ProtaStructure models
Automated sheet and drawing management
Dynamic quatity tables and automated change management
Manual drafting with intelligent rebars and detailing items
Component design and detailing library (Retaining walls, stairs & more)
Automatic detail drawing of retrofit walls (Single or across all storeys)
Retaining wall design to Eurocode, Usand TBDY2018 with seismic provisions
Design and detailing of pools
Design of steel columns and beams
Design of steel purlins, girts and braces
Design of Steel Domes
Steel design to AISC (LRFD, ASD), EC3, BS5950, TSC codes
Automatic vertical deflection check in steel members
Automated design of steel connections
FE Analysis and Design of Steel Facade Scaffolds (ProtaDetails)
Steel Connections and Steel Detailing STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
64-bit Architecture, Modern and Streamlined Ribbon UI
Categorized Macro Gallery for easy access to connection types
Automated connection design and detailing
Automated, accurate and constructable connections by IntelliConnect
Creation of connections manually with powerful modeling tools
Insertion of checker plates and grid systems
Fast insertion of stair treads
Automated insertion of guardrails
Design check reports for steel connections
General arrangement drawings for steel structures
Powerful clash checks and model auditing for fabrication
Comprehensive part and assembly numbering options
Fully automated assembly and part drawings
Advanced Setting Systematics: Global, Company, Local Settings
Flexible On-the-Fly Object Grouping, Filtering and Selection
Intelligent Input fields in macro dialog windows
Automated design of pad bases and strip footings
FE Analysis of foundation systems
FE analysis and design of raft foundations
Grouping of columns for shared foundation design
Automated analysis and design of retaining walls (ProtaDetails)
Pile Working Load Assessment (ProtaDetails)
Lateral analysis and design of piles (ProtaDetails)
Merging different models for shared foundation design
Automated Pile Cap Design
Creating piles under raft foundations
Multiple Building and Foundation Analyses with Integrated Analysis Manager
Integrated Analysis Post-Processor for Building and Foundation Analysis Results
Fully integrated engineering calculation reports.
Ordered set of reports for different project submissions
Integration of externally created documents with the built-in reports
Automated Table of Contents, Smart Notifications and much more…
Visually enhanced Strong Column and Joint Shear Reports with smart notifications
Visually enhanced Slab Design Report with smart notifications
Integrated Mat Foundation Design Report combining all design aspects
Detailed Member Loading Report including all loads applied on the member
Member property assignment report
A step-by-step detailed report on rebar anchorage and lap length calculations (ProtaDetails)
Step-by-step detailed calculation reports with code references and formulas (pilecaps, pad footings and RC beams)
Preliminary Design Summary Report for Geotechnical Report Preparation
BIM Integration, Sharing and Collaboration STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
Collaboration and integration tools for industry leading BIM Platforms
Bi-directional bespoke BIM Links to Autodesk Revit with Family Mapping Functionality
Import 2D and 3D DXF files and convert CAD entities to physical structural members
Coordinate with other disciplines using IFC (Import and Export)
Coordinate with other disciplines using SAF (Import and Export)
Share analysis model with general analysis and design software
Export 3D steel models to industry leading platforms
Publish all detail drawings to well-known DXF and DWG formats
Convert all engineering reports to Office and PDF formats
Export analysis results to comma-delimited CSV files for custom refinement in spreadsheets
Multilingual design reports
Eurocode 1 (Actions on Structures - with UK, IR, SG, MY Annexes)
BS6399 (Loadings for Buildings - UK)
ASCE07 (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures)
TS498 - 2021 (Design Loads for Buildings - TR) Revision
NSR-10 (Wind Loads to Colombian Seismic Code Title-B)
NTE.020 (Wind Loads to Peru Loading Code)
Eurocode 2 (Design of Concrete Structures - with UK, IR, SG, MY Annexes)
BS8110-97 (StructuralUse of Concrete - UK)
ACI 318 (Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete)
CP65 (Structural Use of Concrete - SG)
HK-2004 (Structural Use of Concrete - Hong Kong)
TS500-2000 (Rules for RC Design of Structures - TR)
Peru Design Code (RC Beams Only)
Brazilian Design Code, NBR (RC Beams Only)
Indian Design Code, NBCI (RC Beams Only)
Indonesian Design Code, SNI (RC Beams Only)
Philippines Design Code, NSCP2015 (RC Beams Only)
Eurocode 8 EN1998 Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance
Eurocode 8 EN1998 Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance - SG
Eurocode 8 EN1998 Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance - ML
Eurocode 8 EN1998 and P100 (Romania Seismic Code)
UBC97 (Uniform Building Code)
IBC 2018 (International Building Code)
SNI1726-2019 (Indonesia Seismic Code) Revision
NSCP 2015 (National Structural Code of Philippines)
DPT 1301/1302-61 (Thailand Seismic Code)
NTE.030 (Peru Seismic Code)
TEC2007 (Specifications for Buildings to be Built in Seismic Zones - TR)
TEC2018 (Specifications for Buildings to be Built in Seismic Zones - TR)
ANSI/AISC 360-10 (Specification for Structural Steel Buildings LRFD/ASD)
Eurocode 3 (Design of Steel Structures – with UK, SG, MY Annexes)
BS5950 (Structural Use of Steelwork in Building)
TSC2016 (Specifications for Steel Structures - TR)
Training and Support STD PRO ENT TRIAL EDU
World class technical support directly from professional structural engineers
Dedicated support portal with Extensive knowledge base, documentation and community
Online training videos

* Only available for some of the design codes.