ProtaStructure Suite
Achieve faster design times
Achieve faster design times
Manage changes easily
Manage changes easily
Produce intelligent drawings quickly
Produce intelligent drawings quickly
Deliver full design documentation effortlessly
Deliver full design documentation effortlessly
Supports International Design and Seismic codes
Supports International Design and Seismic codes
First class support from Prota’s experts
First class support from Prota’s experts


ProtaStructure is a structural analysis and design software that step forwards with its innovative BIM (Building Information Modeling) features for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.

From one central model, easily compare different schemes and automate your steel design and concrete design, significantly reducing project delivery time.

Use advanced integrated features including grouped member design, 3D FE Analysis, staged construction and seismic design, foundations and punching shear checks to quickly produce results.

Produce high quality structural drawings and all structural design documentation from ProtaStructure automatically using ProtaDetails and ProtaSteel. Seamlessly coordinate projects with intelligent BIM integration.

ProtaStructure saves time and increases business profitability.

1. 64-Bit Architecture and Enhanced Technology Platform

ProtaStructure 2022 is fully compatible with 64 bit operating systems. We have further optimized this by integrating FE Floor and Foundation Module with the main program, which means that you will be able to manage, analyze, design, and detail any sized model faster than ever before.

2. A Modern Interface with Fluid User Experience

ProtaStructure 2022 welcomes you with a modern user interface designed from scratch for ease of use without compromising efficiency.

3. Leading Structural BIM Collaboration

Developed with BIM in mind, seamlessly communicate and refine models with other leading BIM systems including Autodesk Revit, TeklaStructures, ArchiCAD, AllPlan and latest data formats including IFC, 2D/3D DXF and SAF.

Leading Structural BIM Collaboration

4. Advanced Seismic Analysis and Design

ProtaStructure provides structural engineers with comprehensive tools to structural design and structural detail buildings quickly and economically to meet rigorous earthquake standards including US, IBC, UBC and EC codes of practice.

5. New Analysis Post-Processor with Improved Visualization

A new 64-bit integrated analysis post-processor for FE Floor and Building Analysis modules is developed with ProtaStructure 2022. The new post-processor provides significantly superior performance and improved visualization thanks to the latest graphics renderer. You can switch instantly between the results of FE floor, foundation and building analysis models.

6. Extended Code Coverage

The following new codes are implemented and existing code support is extended in ProtaStructure Suite 2022. Design guides for code support can be found in our Help Center.

  • Romania Seismic and Snow Loading Codes (EC8, P100, EC1)
  • Wind Load Calculations to Colombian Seismic Code Title-BReglamento Colombiano de Construccion Sismo Resistente Titulo B – Cargas (NSR-10)
  • Wind Load Calculations to Peruvian Code, NTE020
  • Peruvian Seismic Code, NTE030
  • Peruvian Concrete Code (RC Beam Design)
  • Brazilian Design Codes, NBR (RC Beam Design)
  • Indonesia Seismic Code 2019 (SNI1726-2019)
  • Indonesia Design Codes 2019, SNI (RC Beam Design)
  • Philippines Structural Design Code, NSCP (RC Beam Design)
Extended Code Coverage

7. Performance-Based Design and Building Assessment

Take advantage of new non-linear pushover and time history analysis together with performance based design, assessment and retrofitting of your buildings.

8. New FE Floor Analysis Manager

In ProtaStructure 2022, FE Floor analysis workflow is improved and collected under a single FE Floor Analysis Manager, where you can see and control the parameters for all stories at once. Also, you can perform batch analysis on the selected floors.

New FE Floor Analysis Manager

9. New Member Loading Tools and 3D Loading Framework

Load definitions on members and their assignments are completely rethought and redeveloped in ProtaStructure 2022. The new loading framework is more flexible and provides more freedom in terms of load definitions, load orientations, load case assignments, load reporting, and visualization.

10. Automatic Calculation of Snow Loads

Snow loads can be automatically calculated to EN1991-1-3 (Base code and Romania Annex) and TS498 loading codes.

11. Parametric Steel Dome Members

You can insert steel dome members in your models with the help of a highly parametric wizard. Domes can be inserted by picking two points defining their diameter or by picking a slab hole.

12. Detailed and Transparent Design Documentation

ProtaStructure Suite provides clear, concise, and step-by-step documentation of your design and seamless, high-quality detail drawings through ProtaDetails and ProtaSteel.

ProtaStructure 2022 brings new design reports and further enhances the existing ones.

13. Seamless Switch Between Unit Systems

ProtaStructure 2022 offers three preset unit systems that are widely adopted by structural engineers around the world, namely, SI, MKS, and Imperial.

Seamless Switch Between Unit Systems

14. Faster Learning Curve: In-Product Learning and Friendly Professional Support

We strive to provide our users with great experience throughout their ProtaStructure Suite journey. From our extensive online Prota Software Help Center to our in-product learning we aim to enrich your knowledge and provide practical, user friendly support. Our professional support engineers love engaging with our clients, whether its answering technical queries or providing hands-on training, we are here to help.

Faster Learning Curve