Webinar Recordings

Power of ProtaSteel

13 May, 2020

Watch and learn how ProtaSteel can revolutionize the design and detailing of your steel projects.

Learn how ProtaSteel will;

  • Automate your steel connection design using 'Intelli-Connect' with its simple interface and intelligent algorithms to instantly create constructable arrangements with ease
  • Provide full connection design reports with step by step calculations with code clause referencing to justify your design
  • Easily create complete steel detail drawings to quickly deliver your projects
  • Extend your steel detailing capabilities down to shop drawing production, assembly details, and even full cutting lists

See how ProtaSteel is leading the way as a powerful Structural BIM Design and detailing system for any steel projects you have.

Host: Engr Ateeq Ahmad, ProtaSteel Product Manager