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Why Prota?

Prota delivers leading BIM technology for economical and efficient building design for engineering professionals around the world.

Global Usage and Reliability

Prota draws from over 35 years of excellence delivering structural software development globally and technical expertise as award winning international professional engineering and architectural consulting practice.


Designed by Engineers for Engineers

Prota has a passion for engineering excellence and making the world a better place. Prota Group actively engages in technical research, present papers to numerous conferences and publications around the world and contribute to drafting codes of practice to share our extensive knowledge, especially in earthquake design. Prota Engineering, our professional consulting business, has completed projects in more than 30 countries around the world with a focus on large commercial and infrastructure projects including airports and metro-lines. We actively use BIM technology to deliver both conventional and design build projects where optimizing design and practical construction methodologies are critical to success. ProtaStructure is born out of a desire to share our knowledge and is shaped by our own inhouse experience together with our thousands of users around the world.

Modern Interface with Fluid User Experience

ProtaStructure welcomes you with a modern user interface specifically tailored for efficiency.

Precise and Accurate Modelling and Loading

With is focus on structural BIM modelling, ProtaStructure allows physical RC, Steel and Composite structural members to be quickly and intuitively defined in one central model. Load creation is highly automated from distribution of slab loading to frames to establishing seismic and wind loadings together with design combinations at a click.

Leading BIM Collaboration and Interoperability

Open BIM collaboration and sharing knowledge is a core principal at Prota. It helped us deliver some of the world’s most challenging infrastructure and transportation projects. ProtaBIM reinforces Prota’s standing as a leading provider of advanced BIM technology with new bi-directional links with the latest versions of Revit, IFC, DXF and other recognized BIM and Analysis formats. Models can be synchronized and design changes tracked greatly enhancing your project coordination and workflow.

Advanced Analysis Features

Prota provides focused analytic approaches important for building design, from basic static, dynamic and finite-elements analysis to advanced considerations including nonlinear static pushover, time-history, construction stage and P-Delta analyses, Prota has you covered.


Code-Based Design

Prota’s experience with delivering projects around the world coupled with close collaboration with users and industry experts means we understand structural design. At its core, ProtaStructure provides a sophisticated and flexible structural design engine allowing you to optimize your entire building from the roof to the foundations. All the detailed code-based checks are performed and documented to your chosen code of practice. A growing range of international and seismic codes of practice are supported including US, European and British Standards.

Automated RC Detailing Capabilities

As practicing engineers, we also understand that time is money and clear, accurate, fast drawing production is essential to any successful project. ProtaDetails is a revolutionary drawing management system for instantly creating and organizing all your reinforced concrete detail drawings with a single click. Intuitive drafting and editing commands allow you to fine tune your output. Intelligent design macros provide design and detailing of other project components from retaining walls to piling systems.

Steel Connection Design and Detailing for Professionals

Now-a-days clients want practical, efficient steel details to drive on-time project delivery and cost control. ProtaSteel is the all-in-one steel detailing solution for engineers and drafting professionals. Our unique IntelliConnect automates connection design with a focus on constructability. Full documentation including connection detailing, calculations, and general steel arrangement and assembly drawings is highly automated. Full cutting lists provide insight into efficient procurement and cost control.


Friendly Professional Support That Engages

We strive to provide our users with great experiences using ProtaStructure. From our extensive online Prota Help Center to our in-product learning we aim to enrich your knowledge and provide practical, user friendly support. Our professional support engineers love engaging with our clients, whether its answering technical queries or providing hands-on training, we are here to help.